Reema Chandra
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Food is love. All good cooks use the expression, but few embrace it with such passion and devotion as Reema Chandra.

For her the aromas of sizzling garlic and ginger are like a warm hug. The piquant bite of cumin and coriander a sweet kiss. She cooks for the sheer love of it, the endless possibilities, and the opportunity to share her creativity in the kitchen with friends and family.

For years, Reema has also shared her passion for food with the wide world through her TV show, Cooking Without Boundaries. By combining her training in physics with her nostalgia for the savory scents of home, Reema explored both the science as well as the art of great cooking.

Now Reema has created a line of spice mixes you can use every day to push your own culinary boundaries, and make every meal an adventure.

True to its name, Cooking Without Boundaries is an excursion through rich and exotic landscapes of flavors, aromas and textures. An homage to those who inspired her to break her own boundaries, Reema invites you to join the quest.

MagicMix Mumbai, the first on the shelf, is a melange of exotic spices and colors that will help you transform weeknight dinners, cookouts and even school lunches into savory celebrations of flavor.

Add a little MagicMix to side dishes like rice or vegetables. Sprinkle it on meat, fish or poultry. Some cooks have even been known to sprinkle it on oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.

It's that versatile. That easy. And that delicious.

Sally Murphy
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Sally has long been fascinated by the diversity of cultures and traditions around the world. This is reflected in her education—she studied Cultural Anthropology—but also in her love of cuisine in all its forms.

An admirer of Anthony Bourdain, she relishes the stories told in food, as much as the cooking styles that make each culinary tradition unique. Her journey as a food enthusiast actually began in childhood. Her mom was of French descent and brought up in the south, cultivating in Sally a life-long love of great food.

Sally is an award-winning marketer with extensive business experience. Throughout her career, she's advised a number of consumer food and packaged goods brands including Dunkin' Donuts, Brigham's Ice Cream and Old Neighborhood Foods, to name a few.

A lifelong health enthusiast, Sally wants to show the world that making great-tasting food that's great for you can be easy—and even fun.

You just need to start with fresh, wholesome ingredients, then add the right mix of flavors and spices. That's where Cooking Without Boundaries comes in.


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Join our mailing list and get 15% off your first purchase!
Join our mailing list and get 15% off your first purchase!